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RV_CRVKim and Alan have been RVing in both a fifth wheel and now our Super C motorhome. We are now traveling full-time and documenting our travels with our five three dogs to share our issues and ways to travel safely and have fun while traveling with your furry family members.

Our family consists of Vinnie, a 13 year old dapple Dachshund; Spella, our 8 year old double-dapple Dachshund and Prada, a 7 year old miniature Pinscher mix. We have recently lost Bruno, at 13-1/2 years of ago, who was a handsome mahogany Dachshund and lost Merlin last summer, at 13 year olds, who was a German Shepard mix.

Kim owns her own candy and sweets business, Wicked Temptations Sweets. Alan works as the director of the International Center for Prehospital and Disaster Medicine and does various tactical medicine and disaster medicine teaching.

5 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I saw you on 101 in Marin and checked out your website. Hope your summer is full of fun travels!


    1. Tina – thanks for the welcome. We enjoy the area lots but aren’t getting a chance on this trip to spend time in the area, had appointments in Medford to keep.

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