Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Harmony Ridge Resort

Have been spending the week at Harmony Ridge Resort outside of Nevada City, CA. We have a camping membership here and are able to camp here with all five furry kids without any problems. Our favorite camping includes being able to set up a large pen around the side door so we can sit outside with the kids and let them roam in the pen as they want. It is so nice to have place that we can enjoy with our furry kids and that allows them to enjoy themselves as well as us enjoying ourselves.

Has been a great week up until this morning when while out walking the furry kids up a fire road, we ran into a yellow jacket nest in the ground. Vinnie loves holes and was looking into this one when a swarm came out and started attacking  all of us. Poor Vinnie and Kim got the worse of the deal with multiple stings. All the other kids also got stung as well. Took the little guys to a local vet after giving them some Benadryl to make sure all would be okay. Thankfully, all are doing well this evening.

Heading to Reno tomorrow morning to have some work done on motorhome and visit with family.