Friday, June 9, 2017

Back to Galveston

Post covers Feb 12 to March 12, 2017.

So after spending the week at Matagorda, we decided to go back to Galveston for a longer stay. We  liked this area and wanted to spend more time there to see what we really think of the area. We are starting to consider finding a place we like to spend the winter months over the next few years. We don't want to just bounce all time. Both us and the fur-babies have decided we like a little more stability in staying places from time to time. We got reservations back at Stella Mare as we enjoyed our last stay there. They have reasonable monthly rates so we decided to go with a month long stay. We got a nice spot in the back part of the resort, the only issue with the spot was that it backed up onto a well traveled road but it wasn't too bad.

We took advantage of the time there to see some of the sites in the area. We had a great time visiting the San Jacinto Monument, Battleship Texas and NASA. Seeing the Johnson Space Center and taking the full tour was great. It does make one proud of what that agency has accomplished and continues to do. We of course took time to drive around and get to know the area better. We found Bolivar Peninsula just east of Galveston, across the bay, a wonderful place. The ferry ride across the bay is fun and the babies got use to being on a boat. The area had been devastated during Hurricane Ike in September 2008 but has done a good job of rebuilding. We saw that the area allows stand alone RV ports on most of the peninsula without having to build a house. Some of the ports are quite elaborate with large, raised decks, garages and some were even on canals leading to the intercostal waterway and had their own docks. The beaches on Bolivar were mostly empty while we were there and we were able to drive onto them and let the babies play to their hearts content.

The babies enjoyed the beaches and got to go there most days. Stella Mare is dog-friendly and besides allowing the pens to be set up, the people working there always say hi to the babies. Vinnie is doing great and continues to walk well with assistance and a little bit without assistance. The little guy is such a fighter and is exceeding what we expected him to be able to do all the time.

We had decided that after the month in Galveston, we would head back towards San Diego to visit our older daughter. We left on the 12th and spent a night in Junction, TX and another night in Van Horn, TX and then a night in Deming, NM before getting to Tombstone to spend a couple of days, more on Tombstone to come.