Rescue Me Dog Treats

Rescue Me Dog Treat Company was founded for the love of dogs.  We have been in the pet business for over 15 years.  We are not a non for profit company but we do donate 25 to 35 percent of our profits to local rescues or shelters. I sold my Dog Grooming Salon and my husband and I travel full time in our motorhome.  When we had our Grooming salon we donated many hours a week Grooming rescue dogs and cats so they could find forever homes.  Some came to us so matted and scared and dirty.  I'm also a licensed Canine Massage Therapist and would try to relax these poor babies with massages along with their baths.   We wanted to continue to donate and help animals all over the country.  We lost our beloved Dachshund, Bruno, in July 2016 from cancer.  I wanted to do something to honor him and all the other animals that are suffering and are homeless.

We are grateful to have had the finances to try and help him and our other Dachshunds who have had surgeries and illnesses.  Many people and rescues don't have these funds and these poor animals die.  With all this said the bottom line is we want to help, and selling Organic and Nutritious Dog goodies and treats we can.

Our goal is as we travel we will do Craft shows, festivals, farmers markets and Pet Expos in various cities.  We will donate proceeds from these shows to the local shelters or private Non for Profit rescues.  We do not hand out cash.... we provide food, beds, cleaning supplies and Veterinary care.   We want to give back to this Fur babies who give so much without asking for anything but love and a warm home.  Many animals are abandoned and don't know why at least we can help make things a little easier and help get them a forever home.

Just know you are not only buying your Fur Baby a treat your helping others get well and find homes.