Sunday, June 21, 2015

On the road to Brookings, Oregon

We left on Friday, May 12th from Merced, California for a week on the southern coast of Oregon. Since we don't like driving more than 4-5 hours with the kids (they get antsy after that many hours) we broke up the trip into two days. The first night we spent in Willits, California at the Willits KOA. We have always found KOA's welcoming to us and the five kids. The down side of all the KOA's is that they have lots of two legged kids camping there and the noise level can be a bit loud during the day. This KOA has some very nice water features that the furry kids weren't allowed to explore but the two legged variety we saw there seemed to like them. It was very hot while staying there, high 90s so we didn't spend much time outside during the day.

The downtown area of Willits, about 2 miles from the KOA, is quaint and fun to wander around . We had a late lunch at Buster's Burgers and Brew and they have great burgers and a small but nice selection of local brews. Unfortunately I'm not good at remembering to always take photos so don't have any of the KOA or Buster's.

Saturday morning we got on the road for drive up to Brookings. Highway 101 is always a nice drive with great views of the redwoods and ocean. On the way up we stopped in Trinidad for lunch and found a BBQ stand in front of the grocery store. Great Elk burgers for me and tri-tip sandwich for Kim. The babies liked both as well :)

We made it into Brooking mid-afternoon and headed to the RV park we had booked based some pictures we saw and calling around. It was a busy weekend apparently in Brookings so our first choice was booked and the second choice only allowed two dogs. We ended up at the Brookings RV Park. As we discovered the park caters to permanent residents and there were only a couple of us travelers staying there. The park could use some sprucing up and the managers need to get the permanent residents to pick up around their rigs a bit. We did find everyone we spoke with friendly and one resident at the park was helpful with giving us some local insights. Here's what it looks like:

We spent from Saturday until Thursday, June 18th at the park and explored the area but more of that in the next post. As for the park, they were accommodating with the furry kids and we appreciated that. They have good wifi and provide a cable box so you get a lot of channels. I wouldn't recommend the park to those with two legged kids and it won't be out first choice for return trips to the area.